Number Our Days

So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

Race Day!!

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Saturday was our big race day!

It was truly a family affair! We traveled eight hours to get to the city where the race was held.  Andy and Noah were on the cheerleader/coach/photographer team, Nate and Elijah ran the 4K (about 2.5 miles), and I ran the half-marathon! There were several thousand participants, including a whole contingent from Africa who shamed us all. It was a huge production and made for some great people-watching! Even Spider-man made an appearance!
















I completed the half in 2 hours 17 minutes! This was my first time running anything more than a 10K and was extremely excited to reach my goal! There were quite a few people walking on my course, and at times I was tempted to walk, too, but knew that if I ever stopped running I would never be able to start back again. The last 4 km were grueling – ALL UPHILL!

I was thrilled to see Andy and the boys waiting about half a kilometer before the finish line to cheer me on. Elijah ran out to meet me and ran the final leg of the race alongside me. The crowd went crazy cheering – shaking glittery pom poms and chanting and cameras flashing – all the fuss made me wonder WHO they were cheering for…I turned around to look and found that little Noah was running his little heart out trying to catch me!! You can see him in the picture…such a priceless moment for this Momma.

We celebrated after the race with friends at McDonald’s. It was such a relief to finish the race and enjoy the time with others who had also worked really hard. The last photo is of me and the other half-ers. What a joy to have finished well!




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