Number Our Days

So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

#3 is 4!

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On Tuesday we celebrated our Noah Liddell’s 4th birthday!

The 4th birthday is pretty important. Looking back on our experiences with Elijah and Nate, I can see clearly that the fourth birthday was the one that set into motion all future birthday expectations. For the first time, the birthday boy is able to anticipate and get excited about the event before it actually happens. Preferences can be voiced and ideas can be suggested and brainstormed together…it’s the perfect culmination of their brain remembering past birthdays (their own or others) and having a real sense of what should occur on someone’s birthday and then being able to verbalize what they want for themselves on that special day.

For weeks we have been asking Noah what he wants for his birthday. The very decisive answer every time was “chocolate cake.” That’s it. I was so grateful for such clear direction because I knew what he expected and was able to plan accordingly. I did bake the best ever chocolate cake from scratch ( the recipe has coffee in it – let me know if you want the recipe – it’s SO amazing!!) and managed to talk him into a superhero themed party. We played the day away, celebrating our littlest one. I think we sang the Happy Birthday Song at every meal just because Noah wanted to.

Here are some pics of the highlights…twister with friends, huge indoor play place (with costumes that Noah refused to put on, but big brothers wore to try and talk him into it – see Chef Elijah and Officer Nate), blueberry muffin breakfast, the CAKE, and a real happy meal from McD’s for dinner! What a great day!

P.S. Yes, there is a bump on his noggin…he and Daddy went out on Noah’s razor scooter the day before and Noah bumped into the corner of a cement table at the park…even so, he’s still pretty cute!


IMG_9201 IMG_9186 IMG_9168 IMG_9182 IMG_9198 IMG_9195 IMG_9193 IMG_9188 IMG_9178 IMG_9194 IMG_9200 IMG_9206


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