Number Our Days

So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12


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Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances. Proverbs 25:11

A week ago, we were pulling out of our old city, following the four moving trucks that contained all of our earthly possessions. There is something very sobering about putting everything that you own into boxes. It causes you to stop and consider, to calculate and examine your own heart and the things that you have filled it with. I used to think that our family had far fewer things than most American families our size, but as the one who did the majority of the packing for this move, I can testify that we still have a lot of stuff! Sure, there is no swing set or dish washer or china cabinet, but we have more Legos than should be legal and books that fill every nook and cranny of our home.

As we passed the movers on the highway, Nate began to get nervous about not being able to keep an eye on our stuff. We have all heard stories of dishonest movers, and the folks who moved our things were by no means professional. The price we were paying was fair, but the people who had arrived that morning to put our things into the truck had proven to be less than careful. We knew that if they decided to hijack our stuff and make a run for it, there would be very little that we could do about it.
“What if the movers drive away and steal all of our stuff, Daddy?”
Sigh…”Oh, Nate, that would be one of the best things that could happen,” replied our wise Daddy.
“What!!? Why, Daddy?”
“Well, because it’s just stuff. And life would be so much more simple if we didn’t even have to deal with it anymore. We can’t take any of those things to heaven with us.”

It was just what I needed. A healthy dose of perspective. I have held on to these words as we’ve spent the first week in our new home. We love it here, but any way you slice it, moving is work. Stuff has to be organized, cleaned, and put away. As the Momma, much of this falls on me. I am doing my work as unto Him (Col 3:23), and asking for grace to know that stuff is just stuff.

P.S. Yes, our things made it here in relatively good shape. Only one broken mirror, a leg missing from our t.v. stand, and a shattered piece of glass that fit on the top of our t.v. stand…small potatoes considering all the taking apart and putting together and up and down stairs and elevators. Plus, the moving company knocked off about $30 of the moving fee because of damages incurred.


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